R.C. Paranormal Research Society

Where the Paranormal and Science Meet!

Welcome to R.C Paranormal Research Society

To  research the paranormal through investigation and to help those in need of help!

We are a group out of Rockingham Co. Va. who have dedicated ourselves to researching the paranormal. Some in our group have had some kind of paranormal experience or another, and still live in paranormally active homes, or (haunted house).  We also have a good blend of skeptics in our group which help keep us honest in our findings. We hope through science and  research that we can find out the truth and to help others that suffer from the dilema of living in a paranormally active house or that may be personally haunted. The area that we live in is a very active one, so we do investigations in and around our area, as well as private homes or business through out Virginia and surrounding states. We hope that you will look over our site and get to know who we are by going to the staff page and getting to know more about who we are as people.

If at any time we can help you, please email us or use  the contact page and we will be sure to get you the help that you need.  All cotact is confidential !

We do not charge for our service!

[email protected]

We Do Not endorse the use of ouji boards at anytime. Use of one, can open up something that you may not want in your home!

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