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Our Investigations

Here you will find a list of our investigations.

Not every place that we visit can we claim as haunted, but we do have a few on here that had no valid explanation for the things that occurred. Also keep in mind, that the EVP'S that we have caught, some of them we can really hear clear..but some we try by going over and over to hear what they are saying. We may not get some of them right, this is only what we think they may be saying. If you have another thought...Please let us know!!

Mount Sidney

This house in Mount Sidney was truely a  special case. I have to say that I have never encountered anything like this before, and I have been investigating for quite a few years now. Yes, you have some nasty spirits now and then, but this one is not going to go away very easily. It started with a Ouija board, and how it was used in the house as just a game, but ended up letting possessive bad energy  in.  During the investigation we found out what we were dealing with and how far it woild go to try and get rid of us, even as far as following one of our investigators home. As a group we always prepare ourselves before going on investigations, the energy in this house was strong. I will go through the steps we took to help people in the home try and get rid of this enitiy. This lady has given us permission to use all the evidence, which is mainly EVP's on the website.

First we had the interview with the client. We went in asked them to explain what was going on and how they wanted us to help them. Of course we went over the house, them telling us where the hot spots were, and taking emf readings along the way. I also use a digitl recorder to record what is being said at the time for references later on.  We caught an EVP during the interview. This is what is said during the interview. It say's 
                                                                                                 "Get out of here".
R C Paranormal

We now are investigating, so this is some of the EVP's that we got during the investigation.

                                                                                                 "Help me"

R C Paranormal
R C Paranormal
                                                                                                   "Bring me Tabitha"
R C Paranormal
Ok, now we are thinking this has to do with Tabitha and the ouija board. Also, I was investigating in the main Bedroom with the owner of the house when our manual recorder started making this strange sound. It had demaganetized our tape. How do we know? We brought it home...nothing was on it, so using the same recorder, we tried recording again with the same tape, and it recorded. Mean while,the tape was making this noise, I went over to see what was going on with the tape, and something came straight at me....it was such a cold feeling that I had to hold my head. At this point I brought something home with me. When I told the other investigators what had happened after the investigation, we decided to contact a ordained minister, and a Bishop. The Ordained minister agreeded to help us. First off, get rid of the ouija broard. We decided to bury it, and while we did  rhis we recorded the whole thing. There is some pretty foul language on these recordings, but I thought it important to let people know how bad it can get.. You may need ear phones for this, as I did not alter the recording in any way.

R.C Paranormal (Bitch)
                                                                                                                                 " F U Christians
R C Paranormal (F U Christians)

                                                                                                                                 " Take Us Debbie"

Take Us Debbie

Sheppard House

The Sheppard house was a very interesting case. Diane called us to see if we might be able to investigate her home. She is a very sweet lady, whom has had some very sad things happen to her in the last few years. Her husband died in her arms in the house, and she felt there was a presence there. She wanted to know if it was her husband that was there, something else haunting her, or if she was just imagining it. Diane gave us permission to use any evidence that we may have caught in order to help those in the same circumstance.

Date: 2/4/2012

Area: Private home

Location: Mount Solon, Va

Investigators: Elaine Irving, Debbie Alexander, Susan Seal, Kim Lowe, Dave Giron, Steven Irving

Time: 9:00pm Til 4:00am

Equipment: I.R Camera's, digital recorders, Rem pod,, Sony video recorder, Laser grid, EMF detectors

Weather: Cold and snowing

We caught a lot of evidence that night! So, I'm going to say, that there is more than just her husband there, but he IS there. I do not think she has anything to worry about, because what we caught there seems to want to protect her.

This an EVP that we caught in room that Diane's husband passed away in.

It said , "don't want too"

RC Paranormal

"Don't want too"

Exchange Hotel

I think this is a great EVP! You will hear a drawn in breath, then a "Nooo", then she says,"Here we go now"

Date: 11-13-2010 

Area:  Public Museum

Location:  Gordonsville, Va.

Investigators:  Debbie, Elaine, Susan, Crystal, Dave, Kim. Tech: Steven and Mary, Guest investigators: Chesapeake investigators.

Time: 10:30 pm til 4:30 am

Equipment: DVR, W/8 I.R. Cameras, Digital cameras, Digital Recorders, Sony Video recorders, Laser Grid, EMF detectors.

Weather: Clear and cold

Back Ground History: This place was built in 1860 and served as a hotel for the passengers that arrived by the railroad. In 1862 the hotel was taken over by military authorities and was used as civil war hospital. There were 70,000 men treated at this hospital (by Dr Lebby), from both sides, and over 700 died and were buried on the surrounding grounds. People have reported seeing full bodied apparitions and unexplained sounds.  

Experiences:  We had quite a few unexplained experiences that night. We had shadows..we had footsteps, and sounds on our walkies that sounded like horses galloping on cobble stone. Kim and I got tapped on the back of our head.


 Steven's Cottage # 2

We had some personal experiences, and some EVP evidence that we hope to get posted on here soon. Please bare w/us!

 Steven's Cottage

"It's Dave"

"He likes me so"


In this case, there is NOBODY in this upstairs room. There is a door that opens, then footsteps, then a laugh, and then the same voice says, "hmm".

We left the recorders running and the video..we caught it on both.

"Right behind you"

"That's the man"

"Why don't you walk in here"

Date: 3-27-2010

Area: Public

Location: Town of Shenandoah, Va.

Investigators: Elaine Irving, Debbie Cabrera, Susan Seal, (Trainees) Laura Rhodes, Kim Lowe, Dave Giron, and (Tech) Don Adams, and Steven Irving.

Time: 8:30pm til 2:00am 

Weather: Cold and Clear

Background History: Built in 1890, it was used as an office for Shenandoah land and Improvememnt company during the railroad boom in the late 1800's. later it was used as printing office and a private school. It was also a doctors office at one point, but we will have to get a time line on that. The cottage was bought by the sisters, Mary and Edna Stevens in 1902 as a private residence, which they lived in until their deaths. The Cottage was then bought by the town in 1974.

Experiences: First off, we did a sweep of the area before the investigation with the EMF readers and temp. readers. During the investigation we had EMF readers going off in mid air (very unusal), some of our investigators were experiencing cold chills in some areas, I video taped a mist in one room (which we will be adding). We caught a lot of EVP's..I have posted some of these, but I am trying to clean up the rest, as far as noise, and will be posting those soon. I think all of us experienced something or another during this investigation. We have been invited to go back for another investigation, so we will be setting a date here soon.

Conclusions: I think this place has a lot of activity, and that Dave whom is on our team, seems to draw what ever is in this house out. They seem to be attracted to him in some way...(Glad it's him and not me..lol) In any case, we will be going back..can't wait!

PA. Investigation #2



You may have to put headphones on to listen to some of these Evp's!

This was in Mike's room.

(Leave me alone)

This was in Kim's room.

(Something humming)

This was in Kim's room.

(Enough, Enough)

This was also in Kim's room.


Date: Nov.1st & 2nd, 2009

Area: Macungie, Pa.

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Irving, Don Adams, and Kim (owner of house)

Time: 10:30pm til 2:30am, and then left video camera running over night.

Equitment: Digital voice recorders, I.R. Video Cameras, Digital camera's, & Manual voice recorder

Weather: cold and mild

Experiences: We had so many experiences while investigating here! We saw sparkles, and I know we all don't detached retinas, we experienced chills, temp.changes, heard knocks that couldn't be explained, and I also had an experience where there was perfume left on one of my arms. I can't explain that, but I will be looking into it. Our tech saw a moving orb on his moniter that disappeared into one the closets. We did discover that sounds from down stairs seem to travel up the stairs, but we discounted any of the audio that could be explained. All in all, we had some pretty weird experiences at this place.

Conclusions: I'm not sure how or why this place has activity, since research has not enlightened us on anything other than what we mentioned in the first investigation, but there does seem to be activity there and I know that they have invited a physic in to determine what might be going on and to clear the house, but the activiy has since then started again. We will be adding more to this page! Not all the evidence has been gathered.






PA. Investigation

There is someone humming, and then it says...

"What am I supposed to do"

Date: Oct.10,2009

Area: Private

 Location: Macungie,Pa.

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Irving, Don Adams.. Swat team..Steve McCain, Rodger Ford, & Wade

Time: 8:30pm Til 2:00am

Equitment: IR video cameras, E.M.F meters, Digital & Manual recorders, Digital cameras, Sony nightshot video recorder

Weather: Cold and Clear

Background History: The house its self was built in 1999, the area that it was built on was at one time a large corn field. The only thing we could find as far as history and research is that back in 1894 the was a very bad blizzard which caused a great many deaths. Back then they had gas for heating and most everything else, so when they had the blizzard it froze all the lines and it resulted in a lot of people freezing to death.Where all these people were buried....is not known.

Experiences: While we were at the house, we experienced a lot of things from footsteps to the shower turning on by it's self..which had to be turned off by one of the team members.The blinds in one of the rooms opened when all had been closed before the investigation. I had put my recorder down in the same room to record and it did, but I couldn't get to up-load on any program on the computer. It had an EVP on it, which I could listen to with head phones that said,"What's a blind?". ... very exciting!

Conclusions: While we had some EVP's we did not catch any video. I think they have some paranormal activity, but not sure what type of  paranormal activity it is yet. We have already gone back for a second investigation which we are still going over evidence, so when we get all the evidence compiled with the other team, we will come to a conclusion.


Shenandoah residence


Date: 8-29-09

Area: Private

Location: Shenandoah

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Mary Hahn, Elaine Irving--Tech: Don Adams, Steven Irving

Time: 10:00pm til 2:30am

Equitment: I.R. Cameras, Digitial Cameras, Digitial recorders, E.M.F. readers, Thermometers

Weather: warm and clear

History: Private.... Civil War

Experiences: We had our emf reader spike for no apparent reseason, beads moved, voices

Conclusions: I would have to say from all the evidence that we got that they seem to have some paranormal activity in their home.

Orphans House


This EVP was taken at the Orphans house.

"Will you take me on home?"

Date: 11-1-08 & 6-27-09

Area: private

Location: Timberville, Virginia

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Mary Hahn, Elaine Irving, Brittney Irving, Susan Seal- Tech: Don Adams, Steven Irving

Time: 8:30pm - 3:00am

Equitment: digitial cameras, digitial recorders, I.R. video cameras. EMF meters, Thermometers

Weather: 11-1-08 was cool and clear, 06-27-09 was warm and clear

History: This house was built by the Brethren in 1909-10 for children that their parents couldn't afford to keep them at the time or children that were just abandoned. The house was set up to where the babies were kept on one side of the 2nd floor and the older children had the other side. There was some really hard times there for the children as food was scarce. The towns people gave what food they could, but it was hard times for everyone. There was at least 5 maybe more, children that died in the house.

Experiences: Some of us had our face and hair touched, some were scratched, Rocking chair was rocking on it's own. Talking with some of the workers that were renovating the place at the time, they told us how they had experiences from being pushed, to seeing a figure of a man telling them what good job they were doing and then vanished.

Conclusions: I would have to say that w/the evps, videos, and personal experiences, that the house seems to have parnormal activity.  



George Washington National Forest



Area: Public

Location: Fulks Run, Va

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Irving, Susan Seal, Britt Irving, Crystal Irving, and Desiree Cabrera

Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm

Equiptment used: digital cameras and digital recorders

Weather: Clear, low humidity

Background History: Since living in the valley, I have heard many stories over the years from the local people about the George Washington National Forest being haunted. We were trying to get a location as to where this might be and all we got was....over there yonder!! Well, where is that? A block could very well be 2 miles! I was talking to a lady by the name of Ivy Lamb, and she was the one who told me it was off of Hopkins Gap Road in Fulks Run. Well back then it was Rt.612. The local stories about it was that there were a lot of Native American people that lived and died here, also from the civil war which is not unusal anywhere in this area, but Ivy told me there was a fight here between the local people and the native americans...(She didn't know what tribe) and, that there was an Indian that had hidden in a log and had died there. He is the one who is supposed to be haunting the area.

Personal Experiences: Of course the forest can be kind of creepy any time of day, but I have to say you could feel some kind of energy there. I think all of us felt it!

Data: We have taken over 200 pictures.

Conclusions: There was not enough evidence to prove or disprove that it is haunted. We will try again in the near future.





Slate Lick


The first two pics are some of the foundations and the third pic was of a mist that was taken that evening. (not smoke! no smoking on investigations as it will contaminate the evidence.)


 Date: 4-24-07

Area: Public

Location: Fulks Run, Va

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Irving, Levear Alexander, Steven Irving

Time: 7:00pm til 9:30pm

Equitment used: digital cameras, digital recorders

Weather: Clear & Calm

Background History: A lot of families lived and died in this area, and there is said to be some apparitions that appear. I have been trying to get some more history on it, but other than the stories from the locals, I haven't had much luck. I do know that it extends into the Hogpens that was used for bootlegging and that they also used to hide their live stock there during the civil war. I know that there has to be some truth to some of the stories because of the foundations from old houses, bulidings, and unmarked graves that are in this area. National Forest has made it into a camping area now, and I have camped there several times. So if you like dark, and kind of creepy areas to camp, this is the place!

Experiences: none

Conclusions: I would like to go back to this area to do more investigating with more equitment. Maybe we will do a camping trip as I think we would have more luck catching something that we may be able to use. I don't think one picture is enough evidence.

Hoover Bridge & Cemetary


Date: 5-26-08

Area: Public

Location: Fulks Run, Va.

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Ivring, Susan Seal

Time: 4:00pm til 6:00pm

Equitment used: Digital cameras

Weather: Clear & mild

Background History: I did try to find out as much info. as I could about the history of Hoover Bridge & Cemetary, but really couldn't find to much other than what I was told by some of the locals. Their story goes, that there was a young girl whom had drowned near the bridge and that every now and then you would see her there. If I find out any more, I'll update the page. The cemetary was just discovered a few years ago and is in pretty bad shape. It looks like National Forest has tried to keep it up. It is very creepy there not only at night, but also during the day. 

Experiences: We all felt a energy & sadness there. We were snapping pictures and everyone we took that day seemed to come out blurrie. We decided to make another date to go back but after dark, We got a lot of good Photos that night.

Final conclusions: Not enough Data



Hoover Bridge & Cemetary- Case 2




Date: 5-7-09

Area: Public

Location: Fulks Run,Va.

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Elaine Irving, Crystal Irving, Brittney Irving, Jo Moore

Time: 9:00pm til 11:00pm

Equitment used: Digital cameras, EMF readers, Digital recorders

Weather: Clear & Cool

Experiences: It was very creepy walking into those woods that night. We were catching some wonderful pictures and the EMF readers were also spiking. this was very exiciting for us since there was no electric anywhere around us at all.

Final Conclusions: We caught some really great pictures! In them were a mist and what looks to be a person standing in the woods.. I have looked this picture over and even went back to the site to see if there was anything that might have even resembled a person on the picture, a stump, a tree, one of our crew, and since I was leading them to the place, I know they were all accounted for. I could not find anything that would have explained the figure. I would not say it is haunted, but there are some really strange anomalies there that I would like to investigate more. 




The Hog Pens

There were no lights back there, only in the front part which you can see was not on. the next picture was taken right after this one.


Date: 10-14-2008

Area: Public & private (need permission)

Location: The Hog Pens, Fulks Run, Va.

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera & Levear Alexander

Time: 8:00pm til 11:00pm

Equitment: digital cameras

Weather: cool & clear

History: The Hog Pens has so much history, that I don't think I have the space to write it all down. There was murder, fights (between indians and settlers), moonshiners & cops, shootings, not to mention the civil war. You name it and it more than likely happened here.One of the stories go, that there were some moonshiners back up in the Hogpens making their shine when the cops came. Some of them scattered into the forest, but one was shot and killed. (It was pretty rough around here at that time! Even the cops were afraid to come back here.) So, to make it look like the guy was still alive and that the cops hadn't killed one of the locals, they sat him up in the car, and drove him to Broadway, Va.  I love this place because you can just feel the vibes around here. I live in the Hog Pens, so I know that there is something special here.

Experiences: It is so dark here in the Hog Pens at night. You can just sit back and listen to the quite, the crickets singing, the deer moving around, then the BIG bear sneaking up behide you. This happened to us while we were investigating. I was actually trying to get a picture of the bear, when we got the pictures of the mist. 

Cunclusions: considering that we just have pictures, which is not enough to go on for evidence. I think we will have to go back there and bring more equitment with us next time. Hopefully we won't be running from bear the whole night!






Unmarked Cemetary


Investigation Date: July1996

Area: Private

Location: Chesapeake, Va.

Investigators: Elaine Irving, Crystal Irving, Brittney Irving

Time of Investigation: 5:00pm til 7:00pm

Weather: Clear, mild

Background History: There was alot of history in this area, most of it had to do with the native americans or the civil war. This grave sight had to to do with the civil war. 

Equiptment: Digital Cameras




Outer Banks, N.C. 



Area: public

Location: Cape Hatteras

Date: 7-15-08

Investigators: Debbie Cabrera, Susan Seal, & Levear Alexander

Time: 9:00pm til 1:00pm

Equitment: Digital cameras, Digital recorders

Weather: Warm, Mild

History: There were a lot of ship wrecks in this area, not to mention that when Black Beard was alive he and his crew haunted this area. Just across the sound is the Island Ocracoke that Black Beard and his crew claimed as thier hide out, and where they were supposed to have buried their treasure. I have always felt very close to this place, and while here got some really great photo's.

Experiences: Like I said, most of whom were doing the investigation felt a kind of "affinity" with this place to the point that we almost HAVE to come back here every year, to this place on the Hatteras Inlet. I love it here!! I cannot explain the way it makes us feel every time, other then it doesn't matter if we have to drive over an hour every day to get there, we just have to get there. I always feel like the sea gives me a gift every time I visit!

Conclusions: As much as I would like to say that the pictures we took were anomalies, there is no proof other than the photos that we took. So, I'll just have to say that it is more than likely water vapor reflecting off the flash of the camera.


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