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 This is an area where some of our members write articles about the paranormal, whether it be their own experiences or of the scientific veiw.  We hope you will give us some feedback on what you think.


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Shadow of Death

Have you ever heard of Shadows that the nurses in hospitals or nursing homes have seen, when a patient is about to pass? I have been lucky enough to be able to speak with some of these nurses and nurses aids that have experiened this phenomenon. Is this a sort of Grimm Reaper, or Shadow of Death to escort  loved ones to the other side? I do know this type of phenomenon is not something that is talked about outside the medical circles, in fact it is taboo to discuss it with with anyone outside the nursing homes, or hospitals. Why I wonder is this such a big secert? Why not just tell people about this phenomenon? Maybe they think it would scare the general public to know such information, buy in my opinion I think they should share this information, not keep it a secret. I first got interested in this Phenomenon when I was told a story by a lady who worked as a CNA at a nursing home. I was asked not to give her name out, but she told me about how she had loved working in the nursing home and working with her elderly patients. One evening while working in the home she had went on break, and while sitting in the break room having her dinner she said she saw someone, or something go  past the door, so she got up to see which one of the patients had gotten up and was strolling  down the hallway when everyone was supposed to be tucked in for the night. When she got to the door there was no one there, so she went down the hall to check and still nothing, she went back to the break room to finish her dinner wondering what had just happened. Meanwhile some nurses had come in to the break room to have their dinner, so this CNA told the nurses that she thought one of the patients had gotten up cause she saw some one go past the door, but when she got up to check one one was there. She told me the nurses all looked at one another then looked at her, and then told her that what they were about to tell her could not go past those walls, and so they told her about what they called the "Shadow of Death". The CNA told me they told her that when there is to be a death in the home, that they almost always see a shadow go down the hallway and there might be a death soon. Well the CNA told me that at first she thought they were just pulling her leg until she went back to work the next day and she had found out that one of her favorite patients had died during the night. She quit the nursing home the next day! Since talking to her I have talked to a few other nurses that have confirmed what she told me, but only after I had badgered them half to death into telling me....lol


Ghost, the Paranormal and Mirror Gazing



 I have been a paranormal investigator now for almost 20 years and I also lived in a very active house for 14 years before that. There have been different scientific questions that I have asked myself about certain paranormal things that I have encountered while investigating houses and businesses. I think the thing that I haven’t found a direct scientific answer for is: “Can you see ghost in a reflective object, such as a mirror, television, or any article that may be used as a reflective object”, and if you do see a ghost why is that?

I have asked myself that questions for years now as I had an experience while living in our very active house.

 I was sitting on our living room couch watching a television show one night and we had a dining room light that was extremely bright and reflected off the television. I had never paid any mind to the light as I really had no reason to other than sometimes it did interfere with the quality of the picture with glaring. It was about 12:00 midnight when all this went on as I made it a practice when something happened paranormal to check the time and place.

I was enjoying the show and I really don’t know why but something caught my eye on the screen of the television some kind of movement other than what was playing on the television. I looked and it was in the glare—the reflection from the dining room light into the living room and on to the screen of the television. The whole thing kind of startled me. I saw movement from the dining room and as I looked closer into this glare I saw my great aunt, great uncle, and both my great grand parents standing in the door way of the kitchen and dining room, and over from them sat my mother in a chair at the dining room table looking at photo’s that I had spread all over the top of the table. Now all of these people had been dead for some time. My great grandparents had never been to my house and had not seen me since the 1960’s.  At first I thought that I was seeing things so I looked down and shook my head and looked back up, they will still standing there. This time when I looked at them, studied what they were doing. They were all moving but it was like a slow motion picture movie. They all looked happy and smiling moving their hands and heads. I turned my head around to look back into the dining room but saw nothing, I then looked back at the glare on the television screen and they were still there.

This whole process must have gone on for a half a minute or so and during this whole time I kept turning away from the television and then looking back. I was in shock and disbelief in one way and in another I another I felt at peace knowing that they seemed happy.


This whole process that took place has always bothered my inquisitive mind, wanting to know more on why and how all of this happened? Why could I see them in the glare of the television and not with my eyes and why were they not all together in a cluster? Why was my mom sitting away from them? It was like the whole dining room was a movie. I started to do research on this matter, scouring the internet and books looking for answers. For me I could never find a scientific answer that would satisfy “me”. Sure I found information how that it is one of the oldest forms of  looking into the future and yes they have used it for seeing ghost but what is the science part of it? Is there a way that with the reflective light at times allows us to see another dimension? Or are we at times a little more sensitive and just at the moment able to catch a glimpse of the other side? I have never to this day found a clear precise answer that would satisfy me or for anyone else in the paranormal field for that matter. I don’t think that there has been much of a discussion on this matter and if there has, paranormal investigators are split on whether this is a good sound form to be used on investigations, so I put the question out there to you, Would you use reflective objects such as mirrors as a form of paranormal investigation and if so why or why not? I would love to hear what other paranormal investigators have to say about this, as we as paranormal investigators and scientist come closer to finding the truth!



Artical written by:

© Elaine Adams Irving


Paranormal Teams Working Together

As a paranormal investigator, I realize the thrill of going to places that are documented as being haunted, the thought of going to a place that at any turn you could get a picture, video, or recording. What about the places that you have heard of being haunted, but have yet to be documented? This would be new territory, something to look into and document, a place that we could bring other groups with us to investigate so that we might be able to collect data, and as a group be able to debunk or collaborate our evidence. I know each group would have something to offer each other. One group may be more specialized in video,one in photography, or one in digital recorders, sound experts and that is just in the equipment, there are also the ones who work the Tech department, setting up all the equipment and also going over evidence. My whole point in this, is that if we all just work as one unit and not worry about if the paranormal group down the road , or up the street found it...who cares!! As long as it is discovered together as a Paranormal Coalition working together! This what we are all in this for, to get documented scientific evidence. I for one would love nothing else but to have other groups with me in this. We are one of nine founders of the National Paranormal Coalition that was started in order to do just that, work as one team, but also keep our own individuality as a group. We come together about every three months to discuss what we have discovered, and we also invite other groups to join us if a place maybe large enough to accommodate all of us. To me this is what it is all about! If you maybe interested in joining us, you can check the website out at www.npcoalition.com. It will inform you of all the groups that have joined.

Debbie- RCPRS ©   

Science And The Paranormal 


What is science? If you look the word science up it says  "Knowledge acquired by careful observation, by deduction of Laws which govern changes and conditions, and by testing  these deductions by experiments." These experiments  consist of a network of theories and models. There are rules for testing and development of theories and models against experimental evidence, such as why People, Objects, or Particles behave in the way that they do, and also how they will behave in the future, if this does not happen then they are replaced with other theories and models. There are different areas of science, therefore different levels of theories and testing. What works for Psychology may not work for Physics. Science often make mistakes, sometimes testing doesn't fit theory, so when one scientist said,"Rocks couldn't fall from the sky", and then they discoved meteorites...which, by the way used to be considered mysterious and paranormal by some scientist...so, you see where this is goes?

There are so many things to this universe of ours in which has yet to be discovered. One of these are what scientist call an "Anomaly"(something that is out of place and unexplained). Then there is the word Paranormal. If you take the prefix "para" it means"something that is irregular, or operating outside the usual boundaries". So, paranormal means," anything outside the experiences we consider normal", in terms of known scientific laws, therefore it dosen't exist.

As a paranormal investigator, I know how boring it can be to sit and go through hours and hours of video, recorders, and, research, and to try to come to some conclusion of what may be happening in the place we are investigating. We also, try and keep an open mind and a scientific approach to our investigations, to try and debunk as much as we can scientificly. Our biggest challenge as paranormal investigators is to get people to overcome their fear of the paranomal. I know you have heard this a millions times, but people believe in "God", the "Holy Spirit", but the thought of a spirit or ghost  floating around is unthinkable. Their fear of the paranormal knows no bounds.

In one of my other articles, I mentioned that scientist "Know" that when we die, our spirit or energy has to go somewhere. It can stay where it is, or it can become attached to whomever, or whatever, and  move, but it will try and manifest its self anyway it can. We as paranormal investigators will continue to strive for the truth in a scientific manner, in hopes that we will be able to document something that the scientific community can try and debunk!!


RCPRS-Debbie ©

Imaginary Friends? or Spirits?

All my life I have heard of imaginary friends, Adults whispering about how so and so had one and wondering why it was I didn't have one. What exacly is an imaginary friend? Well "imaginary" means "occurring in someones mind". Since I have become the adult and then having experienced this myself with my own child, I have changed my mind on this being "an occurring thing in someones mind". My daughter being of sane mind and still is by the way, had 10 of these imaginary friends growning up. She had names, songs, and could describe in great detail what they looked like. Lori was her best friend and the one she called Brownie, she was afraid of, I never  heard of anyone being afraid of their imaginary friend before, the rest came for a few months and then were never mentioned again. She had everyone so terrified about Brownie (family & friends included) that everyone was afraid to sleep at night, or was looking over their shoulder to make sure Brownie wasn't lurking somewhere. My daugther would talk about Lori all the time, day in and day out it was "Lori came to visit" or "Lori wants to play in my room", and the best one was when my sister was coming for a visit and bringing my nieces, they are about my daughter's age and are very close. My daughter informed me that, "she was upset because Lori would not be able to visit her because they were coming, and that Lori's dad wouldn't allow her to come to see her". Where in the world was all this coming from? Why couldn't Lori come to visit while her cousins were here? THEN! I started thinking, what heck is wrong with my daughter? I talked to the pediatrician about it...a little bit, I told him she had "A" imaginary friend. He told me that it was pretty normal and not to worry, I was afraid to tell him she had 10. Well, this went on for a while longer when my sister told me they were having this lecture at the local college about "imaginary friends", so we decided to go so that I might understand what was happening to my daughter. First off it wasn't what I was expecting. When we got in there and got seated they started talking about spirits and ghost and I was thinking to myself, what the heck is this? Then I started listening to what they had to say and almost everything they said hit a note on what was going on with my daughter, I ask a few questions, then told them what was going on. They told me the one thing that has stuck in mind as of today, that "There is no such things as imaginary friends". They told me that "children SEE things that us adults can't or don't want to see, because they are more open to it. It has not been drilled into their heads that, it doesn't exist." How many times as children were we told that something "didn't exist", or "that's not real", "it's all in our imagination"? After I left that lecture I thought about how I would handle this with my daughter. Could it be possible, that these could be spirits that my daughter were seeing? and if so what did they want w/my daughter? Were they just passing through? I DID NOT want to make her feel weird, or make her feel like she was different. so I let her talk about her friends, and I let her have her play time with them. I DID NOT tell her they did not exist or, that they were not real! I decided to treat this as if she really did see them, and after everything that I have experienced over the years here in this house, I'm sure she was right. Then came the day that she came to me crying, She said, "mommy I have to bury Lori" and I said "why"? She said, "Lori said, that she had to bury her, so that she can live again". I had chills, but I let her bury Lori on the side of our hill. I never heard about Lori again. As for Brownie? well, my brother was in the navy at the time and he was here home on leave. My daughter said, that Brownie told her she would be leaving with my brother when he left to go back on the ship..She must have left with him, cause we never did hear about her anymore. SO, if you hear of a navel ship the "USS Raleigh" being haunted, it might be Brownie!! She has blond hair that sticks out every where, w/ freckles on her face, and is a little bit on the mischievous side.. My daughter by the way, has grown up to be a very level headed and stable person...who also believes in the possibility of spirits..like me. Everything in this story came from personal experiences and are my veiws on the subject of imaginary friends.


Sound and Frequencies

Noise Colours and Types

Certain noises are described by their color. The term "white noise" is common in audio production and other situations. Some of these names are official and technical, others have more loose definitions. These terms generally refer to random noise which may contain a bias towards a certain range of frequencies.

Black noise: A term with numerous conflicting definitions, but most commonly refers to silence with occasional spikes.

Blue noise: Contains more energy as the frequency increases.

Brown noise: Mimics the signal noise produced by brownian motion.

Gray noise: Similar to white noise, but has been filtered to make the sound level appear constant at all frequencies to the human ear.

Green noise: An unofficial term which can mean the mid-frequencies of white noise, or the "background noise of the world".

Orange noise: An unofficial term describing noise which has been stripped of harmonious frequencies.

Pink noise: Contains an equal sound pressure level in each octaive band. Energy decreases as frequency increases.

Purple noise: contains more energy as the frequency increases.

Red noise: An oceanograhic term which describes ambient underwater noise from distant sources. Also another name for brown noise.

White noise: Contains an equal amount of energy in all frequency bands.

Note: Some of these definitions refer "to all frequencies". This is only theoretical- in practice this means " all frequencies in a finite range".


White Noise

White noise is a random noise that contains an equal amount of energy in all frequency bands.

White noise is the equivalent of white light, in fact this is how it gets it's name. White light is made up of all light frequencies (colours), white noise is made up of all audio frequencies.

White noise is used in electronic music, either directly as a sound effect or as the basis to create synthesized sounds. For example, many percussion instruments have a high component of white noise.

White noise is also used to mask other sounds. this process takes advantage of the way the human brain works-- the brain is able to single out simple frequency ranges but has trouble when too many frequencies are heard at once.When white noise is present, other noises appear diminished.

This artical is directly from Media College.com 

Now that we have had our little college lesson ....I thought it important to understand the way sound and frequencies work, so that you can understand why paranormal groups use recorders and video to get evidence.  



Spirits messing around

I just remembered that we had an experience here on our land that was kind of on the freaky side. My sister had come up for a visit and we had decided to do a little investigating by our pond. You have to understand about the history around  here first. The lady that lived on our land when we bought it was "Ivy Lamb". the Lamb's had lived on this land, well since forever. When my mom and dad bought this place, Ivy just sort of come with it. She was kind of gruff and had a kind of accent, like maybe dutch I'm not quite sure, but she would tell us all kinds of stories about the people that had lived around here. I loved going to her log house and listening to her stories, she could tell some weird ones let me tell you! I wasn't sure if I should go to sleep that night or not, it was that scary.She told one story that was actually true, it was about her brother who had killed his cousin for killing her parents.The story goes that "Sarah" (the cousin) was quite crazy, and she killed her parents and then Ivy's brother killed Sarah in return, the cops came out took Ivy's brother away and as she said , "she never did hear from him again". Well, my dad did some research on it and come to find out Ivy's brother was taken to Richmond, Va. and executed for the murder of one "Sarah Lamb". Now, this is "some" of the history here, I will now tell you what happened when my sister was here. We were all sitting around this little spot behind the pound, anything we could sit on, a rock, a log... we had our cameras, voice recorders.. asking if anyone would like to communicate with us. It was so peaceful and quite, just a few birds chirping, then we heard what sounded like a herd of cows coming, we kind of looked around and saw some deer running up the hill, maybe about 6 or 7 deer, no big deal we see them all the time! well the one deer at the end of the herd decided to leave and come straight for us... the deer come running at high speed and jumped just inches over my sister's head... were all just sitting there mouths wide open..stunned! No body took pictures, nothing.. there was bunch of "oh my gods", but no picture taking out of the 3 of us that held cameras. After the fact we were snapping pictures every which way...too late! We ended up carrying my sister out of the woods because her knees were shaking so bad she couldn't walk! It was the next day that we remembered that we had the voice recorders going when all this happened, so we decided to listen to it, even though we didn't think we caught anything. On our recorder we caught a woman screaming and screaming and alot of muted voices hollering in the back ground. Where in the world did this come from? It was so quite when we sitting there and we never heard anything that sounded like screaming or hollering. Is this something that is repeating it's self like a residual or is this something else all together? These are pictures from before and after the deer jumped. 



written by



Paranormal Phenomena




I think we have all heard or been told stories about animals or pets afraid to go into certain rooms, barking, growling at things that we don't see or hear, and also somehow finding their way home when lost. Are they more sensitive to visual. megnetic, or other environmental factors? Or do they have some psychic ability to sense things? This has been an ongoing debate between (believers) Pet owners, Psychics on one side, (nonbelievers) Skeptics, Scientist on the other.


Some researchers believe that some animals or pets have the ability to "know" when there will be a Thunderstorm, Tornado, earthquake...etc, or know when their owners are coming home. Some researchers also think that humans may also have had this ability at one time, but lost it somewhere along the way.


Do you think animals can sense spirits? (personal experience)


I have a German Shepherd named "Cody", and I know he has the ability to sense bad weather, and also sense things we don't see. My dad was living with us when the doctors told us he only had 3 months to live. Cody, our dog would go in everyday to dads room to visit, and sometimes stay all night. Dad loved that dog! The night that dad was passing, Cody kept trying to get on his bed, (Cody never gets on anyones bed!) We finally got him to lay down on the floor beside his bed, where he stayed until dad had passed on. The crazy thing that happened was when we left the room and Cody tried to follow us out. He acted as if he were afraid to go out into the hallway, as if something were trying to keep him in the room. When he finally got the nerve to leave the room-- it was at a dead run! This continued everyday for months after dad had passed. He has been gone for 2 years now, and every now and then Cody will do the same thing---RUN FROM THE ROOM!


This is Cody.


Please leave your comments about your experiences with your pets! we would love to hear them.

Article by:

Debbie Cabrera ©


I was talking with a very smart lady just the other day.  I wanted to know how science fit into ghost, or spirits. She told me something that made so much sense! She said that humans are made up of a certain amount of energy. The body will decay over time, but the energy remains, the energy or soul as some call it is what makes the body a person. My father was living with me when he got so ill, with his heart. Day in and day out, he would see things in his room. We had a baby monitor set up in his room and in ours, so that if he needed us during the night we would hear him. We would hear him talking to someone during the night sometimes, and you could hear things moving around in there that we know could not have been him since he was not able to get up out of his bed. We even heard a voice once that was not his, talking back ( this was on a baby monitor). The next morning he would tell us about who came to visit him that night. This was really an eye opening experience for both Alex and me.  I really do believe that he was seeing and talking to spirits. What makes people close to death experience things like this? Write us and let us know what you think. Also write and tell us your story.

Article By;

Debbie Cabrera ©

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